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Hair Transplant in Dallas, Texas

If you’re living in the Dallas or Ft. Worth areas and are frustrated by balding and hair loss, why continue suffering? Even though most people will lose some hair during their lifetimes, that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them.

Today, there are many effective hair restoration solutions on the market—and luckily for Dallas residents—some of the industry’s leading experts practice nearby.

For over twenty years, the team at Limmer Hair Transplant Center has dedicated themselves to using the top technology and techniques to change the lives of countless patients. Though they specialize in hair transplants, Limmer also offers fantastic, non-invasive options including medications, shampoos, laser treatments and more.

Photo Consultations

Limmer HTC now offers the convenient option of photo consultations. With photo consultations, one of our hair loss professionals can get an in-depth look at your hair and offer expert advice on your next steps forward—all without ever stepping foot in the doctor’s office.

Simply go to our Photo Consultations page. Then, enter your information and multiple photos if your hair, head, and scalp. Then, at your scheduled appointment time, we’ll contact you with our advice and hair restoration recommendations.

From there, our hair restoration team, including a Board Certified Dermatologist, will guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.

What Is Hair Restoration?

So, what exactly is hair restoration, which also commonly known as a hair transplant?

This highly-effective procedure is minimally-invasive and permanently treats hair loss for most patients. The procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure for both male and female patients.

Limmer HTC specializes in two of the most common hair restoration procedures: the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and the follicular unit excision (FUE). Though all patients should expect the same natural-looking, permanent results, the specific surgical techniques do vary slightly.

With both the FUT and the FUE procedures, surgeons harvest 100’s or even 1000’s of hair follicles. Once the hairs have been harvested, technicians place the removed follicles into tiny incisions made in areas where balding is prevalent.

FUT Method

With an FUT procedure, surgeons remove a small strip of skin from the patient’s donor area, located on the back of the head. From those suffering from androgenetic alopecia—more commonly known as male-pattern baldness—hair doesn’t readily fall out in this area of the scalp. This results in a thin linear scar, though it will be entirely hidden under the hair once it’s grown in.

FUE Method With Robotic Assistance

In contrast, the FUE procedure is conducted with the innovative, cutting-edge ARTAS Robotic System. ARTAS is an artificially intelligent robot that individually removes donor follicles with small, pin-sized incisions.

This smart technology provide many benefits including the reduction of physician fatigue and essentially undetectable scarring which allows for shorter haircuts if the patient so chooses.

Both procedures take around 6–8 hours. Once complete, patients usually drive themselves home. Your surgeon will provide post-op instructions on caring for your scalp.

What Will My Hair Transplant Results Look Like?

Once your new hair has grown in, no one will know you’ve undergone a transplant—assuming you’ve chosen a certified, expert team like Limmer HTC.

Though patients may resume most activities immediately after their procedure, some downtime is recommended. Soreness and swelling should be expected for about a week.

Patients will begin to see their own, natural hair growing out within a few months. After about 9-12 months, expect to see full results and the head of hair you’ve been dreaming of.

Patients are often happy with the thickness of their hair after their first procedure, though some choose to undergo an additional session to add more density.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

FUE procedures are usually more expensive than the FUT procedure as more training and high-end technology is needed to carry it out well.

At Limmer HTC, prices for an FUT start at $6.00 per graft and $8.00 per graft for an FUE. Therefore, a 500 graft FUT procedure FUT costs $3,000 and $4,000 for an FUE.

For both the FUT and FUE, the more follicles you choose to transplant will help the price per follicle decrease. For example, deciding to graft more than 1,500 follicles will drop the price to $4.25 for the FUT and $6.25 for the FUE.

Both the FUT and FUE will provide amazing results that appear 100% natural. For certain reasons though, some patients will be better suited to either the FUE or FUT for reasons including your budget, hair type, ethnicity, etc.

Why Choose Limmer HTC?

Though their office is located in San Antonio, Limmer Hair Transplant Center proudly serves Dallas, Ft. Worth and its surrounding areas. As a premier Texas hair restoration clinic, our team has served patients from across the Lone Star State for for over 30 years.

Our entire staff has been trained on the best hair restoration technology on-the-market and available to your. We’re wholly committed to providing every patient with nothing but amazing results.

It’s time to feel happy about your own, natural hair! Contact the Limmer HTC team and set up a photo consultation today. Or, if you’d like more information or would prefer to chat in-person, call us today at (210) 496-9992 at or set up an appointment online anytime.