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Hair Transplantation

FUT vs FUE, we offer both methods for hair transplantation, which one is right for you. Find out today!
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Hair Loss in Women

Women do have options to treat hair loss. There are products and treatments that can help.
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Eyebrows & Facial Hair

Hair transplantation can be used to recreate lost eyebrows, beards and mustaches.
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Scar Restoration

Scars from surgery, radiation, trauma, or other cosmetic procedures can also be improved or camouflaged with transplanted hairs.

Hair Transplantation
Although hair transplants have been performed since the late 1800’s, the modern technique of using hair from the genetically stable scalp (the donor area), was developed in the late 1950’s by Dr. Norman Orentreich.

Over the past 30 years Dr. B.L. Limmer and his research team developed and perfected a technique now referred to as the “Gold Standard” of hair transplantation: Microscopically Magnified Follicular Unit Micrografting.

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Our Doctors/StaffOur team has been changing lives through hair restoration for over 30 years.